Welcome, to the web site for Network Management Utilities!

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I haven't worked on this project for a very long time (it was created in 2006, it's now 2011). Once you take over the project you could do whatever you wanted with it (i.e. 1) pickup with it, as is. OR 2) use this project to host whatever you want.

	My Name is William and I am the project administrator, 
	for both the project and website.  I started this project, 
	so that I could have a place to share network utilities 
	and tools I had written and have yet to write with the community.
	As, this project grows, more and more content will appear here as well
	as on the project page (you can find the link under Project Links)
	Any comments or suggestions, on how to improve this web site, to
	request content to be included, and also for any problems that arise
	from its use, please email me at derieux@users.sourceforge.net.
	To See a list of people and organizations that made this all possible
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