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                                            Name:  Alexandru IANCU
                                            Project Role:  Developer
                                            Email:  andu77@users.sourceforge.net

About Me:

Past and Present:

I work for a small German-Romanian venture since 2000 as a general purpose programmer.

General Purpose Programmer, means if it's broke than fix it. But of course I had my limits:

usually I work to user interface issues but sometimes because of different constraints I work in other code parts too.

Present and Future:

In the last years of my university career, I was interested in VoIP domain (which is a very vast

domain) but after I graduated I soon found that on one hand I was too little prepared to find a job in this field and on the other hand there weren't such jobs (or maybe I didn't noticed there were any :) ) so I forgot about it. I didn't liked this but I guess I didn't have much choices back than. At the present time I'm determined to gain experience in developing networking software because I want to migrate to telecom. I'm interested in anything related with networking especially Xml Web Services.

What I do:

When I have spare time I learn about Xml Web services(WS). WS is something new to me and very interesting. Right now I work at 2 interesting WS.