Project Development:

Project's Purpose/Goal:  To create tools and utilities that help automate and 
			 simplify administrative network tasks.

Project Current-Level of Development:  Right now that project is still in its infancy,
				       We still need to come up with some ideas to help
				       Furtherer along the developmental process

I have already made a file release of a program I have called pingfile.  Pingfile takes a text-file with ip address and hostnames, in it,
and then reads them and starts to ping all of those addresses.  Basically, it automates the task of typing multiple ip address/hostnames
on the commandline.

This, program demonstrates all of the above qualities, but don't be fooled, this is not an example of the quality of this project -- it is just
the very first release, I plan to improve (with the help of all of the developers) it by adding more support and event-handling, if possible.
I also have plans on creating other programs, not bound to the pingfile example, but rather to make a collection of various utilties--maybe
even making a program which ties them all together.

@Developers, please Add Your Comments to this page.

William (*More Content will be added here, over time)